Favourite Musicians

These are the musicians that influenced us and our playing. We chose them for many reasons, not just because they are excellent players. So there they are divised in categories:



Maynard James Keenan (Tool): One of the best vocalists in the rock world, he's not only recognized for his ability to sing every style of music and for his wide vocal range, but he is also known for his profound lyrics and philosophical beliefs. 

Rap: Zack De La Rocha (Rage Against The Machine): He is the vocalist of the band who is from the first ones who melted rap and metal. His rebel political lyrics and his kid-like voice combined with Rage Against The Machine 's powerful music has earned a lot of recognition. He's the commander of his band's staggering live performances.  



Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) : A  "proper player" weaned on Steve Vai, Malmsteen etc, who nevertheless references hip hop, punk and heavy metal in his playing and attitude, differentiating him from the older breed of shredders and musos. The Harvard educated guitarist inspired a whole generation of rap-metal and is the leader of his band's political fighting.



Fieldy (KoRn) : He is known for his percussive hip hop influenced bass playing. With his 5 strings bass, he gives power to KoRn's monstruous riffs. His playing is also unusual and inspired a whole generation of nu metal artists.



Danny Carey (Tool) : Danny has changed the way people  look at hard rock music. Not too many if any people knew that when Danny joined TOOL in 1991/92 that the hard rock & music world would be forever changed. Since then, people's eyes have been open much wider, the world has now been broadened & we are stigmatized. It is literally impossible to know anyone in the drumming community that doesn't know about Danny & his incredible drumming. He is not only known for his amazing fast feet, innovative hi-hat work & his distinctive ride patters...NO! he is also known for his years of drum corp & marching band, his use of electronics, his use of foreign instruments such as tables & his uncanny knack of keeping time.