Birth Name : Daniel Edwin Carey

Birthday : May 10, 1961

Quick Facts : Danny Carey is 6'5".
His first concert was Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Equipment :

Sonor Designer Series
8x14 bronze snare
14x14 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
18x24 bass drum
18x22 bass drum
8x8 tom
10x10 tom
14" RotoTom

Simmons SDX pads
Hardware: Sonor

Heads Evan's heads, power center-snare, Hydraulic-toms, hydraulic & EQ3 on bassCabs


14" Paiste Dark Crisp hi-hats
22" Novo China
12" S.F. Flanger Bell
13" Sound Formula Mega Cup Chime
8" Paiste splash
18" Sound Formula Thin crash
18" Paiste Full crash
22" Paiste Dry Heavy ride
20 & 22" Paiste Thin China
20" Paiste Power crash
6" + 8" Signature Splash
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi Hat
18" Signature Mellow Crash, Power Crash
20" Signature Full Crash, Thin China
5" Bell Chime on top of an 8" 3000 Bell



Danny Carey grew up in a very typical, middle-class American house in Paola, Kansas. His father was a manager for a large insurance company and his mother was a school teacher. Danny has one older brother and one younger brother. Danny's earliest musical memory was when his father took him into the music library at the University of Kansas and played The Planets by Gustov Holst. Danny started taking lessons when he was ten or eleven, just on the snare drum in school band, and then again when he got his first kit at thirteen. Danny received a scholarship in High School to go to the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City.

Danny studied music for over three years at the University of Missouri. He had a couple of offers to play basketball at small colleges, but knew he wasn't good enough to play major college basketball or to go pro. Danny spent years working on his rudiments and doing drum corps. He always loved Billy Cobham and Buddy Rich because no matter how fast they played, you could hear every note. When he was in college he got a lot of classical training, doing recitals for three and a half years. He could have earned a degree if he stuck it out a while longer, but just wanted to play the drum set a little more, so he bailed on school when an opportunity came to go on the road with a band.

In 1986, Danny moved to Los Angeles, and spent four years there before anything really happened. However, at that time he was heavily into electronic drums. He was playing an electronic kit with real cymbals, and played the clubs. Then he got more into real drums, and attributes that to finally finding a quality set that sounded good. Danny also worked as a session player for Green Jello, Pygmy Love Circus, and Carole King. Danny's day job in LA was working in a tape duplication house. Then he met Adam Jones through Tom Morello of Rage (Against The Machine). Danny was also living beside Maynard. He never auditioned for them (Keenan and Jones). He felt sorry for them, because they would invite people over to play, and they wouldn't show up, so he would fill in.

Danny still loves playing jazz when he gets the chance. He is also working on a side project called ZAUM, which works in an electronic medium. Danny has also been involved in other side projects, including a TV sitcom called "Sibs."