This is the current list of tabs. If a certain tab isn't here, then it hasn't been done. If you want to submit a tab that isn't here, please make sure it is accurate, send it in, and we will look over it. If the tab is posted you will receive full credit for it. Files in Yellow have also guitar pro version tabs. Click here to download guitar pro.

A Zip file containing all the tabs is available for Download


1. Sweat [Guitar]
2. Hush [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
3. Part Of Me [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
4. Cold And Ugly [Guitar]
5. Jerkoff [Guitar]
6. Opiate [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
7. Gaping Lotus Experience [Guitar]


1. Intolerance [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
2. Prison Sex [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
3. Sober [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
4. Bottom [Guitar]
5. Crawl Away [Guitar] [Bass]
6. Swamp Song [Guitar]
7. Undertow [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
8. 4 Degrees [Guitar]
9. Flood [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]


1. Stinkfist [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
2. Eulogy [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
3. H [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
5. 46 & 2 [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
  6. Message To Harry Manback [Guitar Pro]
7. Hooker With A Penis [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
9. Jimmy [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
11. Pushit [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
13. Aenema [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
15. Third Eye [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]


3. Pushit (extended) [Guitar]
6. You Lied [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
7. No Quarter [Guitar] [Guitar Pro]
9. Maynard's Dick [Guitar]


1. The Grudge [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
2. Eon Blue Apocalypse [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
3. The Patient [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
5. Schism [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
6. Parabol [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
7. Parabola [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
8. Ticks & Leeches [Guitar] [Bass]
9. Lateralus [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
10. Disposition [Guitar] [Bass]
11. Reflection [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]
12. Triad [Guitar] [Bass] [Guitar Pro]


1. Stinkfist (extended) [Guitar]
2. Jerkoff (extended) [Guitar]